Among Us


Among Us is a game of strategy where survivors and one or more impostors share the same ship. This social deduction game requires everyone to try and figure out who is the impostor in order to win. You are completing tasks within the game as a survivor, but the impostors can’t fulfill tasks, he will try to impersonate others just to show he is doing something.

As a survivor, it can be very difficult to stay alive since impostors are always trying to eliminate you. After all, the main role of an impostor in this game is being the last person alive. Finding the impostor or trying to survive as the impostor is very thrilling, and you can play this game either alone or with a friend. It’s always something fun and enjoyable, and you can always test your limits to see who will win.

How to Play Among Us?

You can use the directional pad to move, and touch to select something. You can also press a button to call out a meeting if you find a dead player or know who is the impostor!

This exciting, social deduction game has excellent replay value and it’s extremely fun. Give it a shot today!


• Exciting multiplayer game with up to 10 players
• Fun social deduction component
• A lot of suspense and excitement


Among Us is developed by InnerSloth in 2018.


Web Browser

Among Us Gameplay