Basketball Stars


Basketball Stars is a very popular game where you get to test your basketball skills against others. You need to do everything you can in order to battle your opponents and win. With Basketball Stars, every game is a challenge, since you need to test your limits and see what you can do in order to score more than your opponent.

How to Play

There is a time limit and who scores more at the end of that time limit will win. Not only do you get to test your limits and engage into a rewarding and fun experience, but you have the opportunity to really push your limits to try and strategize as you focus on winning.


You can use the AD or arrow keys to move, X and L to shoot or steal, S can be used to pump or block. Then you have AA or DD to dash in the desired direction. A great shot can be done with K or Z. These controls are simple and you will find yourself testing the limits in an exciting way.

If you enjoy basketball or really want to find new ways to play, try out Basketball Stars today and test yourself, it will be very exciting.


• Classic, fun basketball game
• Play alone or with a friend
• Engaging and fast paced

Basketball Stars Gameplay