Cat Mario

Cat Mario – also known as Syobon Action is a fan-made HTML5 2D game. It is based on classic Super Mario Bros where the main character is cat and the mission is the same – need to reach to the final flag. There is all 6 levels and hundreds of hidden traps in each one. Even at the first steps in first level you’ll find it so hard to move even an inch without expectations that some kind of trap will catch you.

You need to be hyper concentrated to avoid those traps, because they can still catch you even you’ve passed through them dozens of times. If you play Cat Mario first time, you’ll need at least 50 lives to complete even first level.

How to Play

Keep away from mushrooms, spikes and even clouds as there may be a trap. If you see the checkpoint flag, touch it, so you can save the progress and continue from that place later.


Move – arrow keys / WASD


Cat Mario is developed by Chiku in 2007 and updated in HTML5 in 2020.


Web browser
Android – Super Cat World : Syobon Action