Cookie Clicker 2


Cookie Clicker 2 is a cool and engaging idle game with exciting ideas and a fun gameplay experience. In this game, your focus is to acquire as many cookies as you can. The more you get, the more items you can unlock. You have a variety of unlockables like the cursor that gets new cookies automatically or the grandma that cooks new cookies herself.

How to Play

As you play, you acquire more cookies and you can use these to access all the upgrades. You even have new items that can be used to gain more cookies very fast. It’s an immersive and fun experience that really pushes the limits and tests your capabilities.

Plus, Cookie Clicker 2 is an idle game, so it plays automatically and you just have to acquire new things as you play. It’s a very interesting and enjoyable title with lots of gameplay ideas and it constantly brings in fun, enjoyable moments.

If you like idle games and anything related to food or cooking, Cookie Clicker 2 is the ultimate game for you. It has lots of charm, excitement and you can always find new things to unlock!


  • Fast paced idling game
  • Great visuals
  • Lots of unlocks
  • Test your skills


Cookie Clicker is developed by Julien Thiennot and published by DashNet in 2013.


Web Browser