Drift Hunters


Drift Hunters is an action-packed, immersive and fun racing and drifting game. In this game your focus is to get the highest possible score as you are drifting. You can acquire upgrades that will help you make your car better, easier to drive, and that will help you rack up a lot more points. In the game you can find 10 different locations, and you are free to choose how to play and how you explore the experience.

Drift Hunters Vehicles

Within Drift Hunters you can find upwards of 26 vehicles, all of which can be tuned to perfection. These include iconic models like the Honda S2000, BMW M3, the amazing Toyota Supra, the cool Nissan 370z Coupe, but also Porsche 911 GT as well as Ford Fiesta ST. These are some of the most incredible drifting experiences you will have.

Plus, you can fully customize every car, ranging from its engine, turbo, gearbox, brakes and so on. It’s even possible to make the car lighter in order to drive faster. All of these performance changes will improve the way you play and help you rack up all those high scores.

Drift Hunters Walkthrough