Idle Breakout


Idle Breakout is an engaging and fun breakout game with immersive gameplay and exciting ideas. The way you play is simple, your focus is to keep the balls afloat as they touch all the bricks in the game. However, there’s a catch, because the more balls are active, the harder it is to keep them in the game field.

Each one of the bricks in the game has a number, and that’s the amount of times they need to be touched by a ball in order to disappear. Your focus is to ensure that the balls always touch these bricks and you complete every level.

All the balls inside this game can be randomly added, and the more money you get, the more balls you can add. Since everything is idly done, you can sit and watch as the gameplay unfolds in front of your eyes. The game also has upgrades for speed, power and click speed. This is pushing the boundaries and it allows you to improve how you play, while having a whole lot of fun all the time.

Enter one of the coolest and most exciting breakout games with an idle component that conveys stellar strategy and fun moments. Test it out today!


• Idle gameplay
• Lots of strategy
• Numerous levels to play
• Tons of upgrades


Idle Breakout is developed by Kodiqi

Idle Breakout Gameplay