Rocket League 3D


Rocket League 3D Unblocked gives you the ultimate opportunity to play car soccer in 3D and test your skills in a fun way. What makes this game unique is that you have control over how you play. You can change the car physics and ball physics, making them lighter or heavier. The AI will always do its best to try and keep you away from scoring.

How to Play

Otherwise, the rules are what you expect. You need to put the ball into your opponent’s goal post and score. You have a limited amount of time to score, otherwise the game can end up in a draw. You need to do everything you can in order to try and win, and improve your limits to really push the gameplay to the next level.

Rocket League 3D Unblocked is all about testing your response time, it’s very easy to play and you can use A/D to drive, W to jump, S to brake and Space to boost. It’s really easy to get into, but mastering the game takes a lot of skill and attention. It’s an empowering and fun game with lots of creative ideas and exciting moments.


  • Play car soccer in 3D
  • Simple controls
  • Beautiful visuals
  • You can change car/ball physics