Smash Karts


Smash Karts is one of the coolest and most innovative karting experiences you will ever have. Play against other players or the AI in fun, exciting kart battles. You will need to control the kart the best way that you can and test yourself in an exciting way.

There are a variety of power ups like rockets, grenades, bullets and other things that you need to try out. All of these add up to deliver a very exciting, fun and very intense gaming experience you do not want to miss.

Controls / How to Play

You can choose the region and then use W to go forward, S to go back, A to go left and R to go right. You can also use the arrow keys. Firing projectiles is done via pressing the Space button. Smash Karts is always exciting to play because every level has a lot of mayhem just ready to unleash as quickly as possible.

Moreover, Smash Karts allows you to fully customize your kart the way you want, without any issues. To make things even better, there are all kinds of cool power ups like being invincible that can pop up too. Test it and have fun, since Smash Karts is a very interesting and enjoyable game with lots of creative moments.


• Engaging kart battles and races
• Customize your kart and character
• Easy to use, simple controls
• Access various power ups

Smash Karts Gameplay