Superfighters 2


Superfighters 2 is a retro-style tow player game where you control the pixel character in pixel world. There you will find different kind of weapons on your way that you can pick up and use against everyone. Select survival mode to test your skills of survival. At the very beginning you need to play a tutorial to play like a pro so after some time you’ll get learned how to be a cool fighter.

Two player mode lets you play alongside with your friend. Complete all levels in stage mode and unlock new skin.

How to Play Superfighters 2?

Before start playing try a tutorial where you’ll get learned every controls and special moves.


Move – arrow keys
Shoot – M
Melee – N
Grenade – ,
Powerup – .

Move – WASD
Shoot – 2
Melee – 1
Grenade – 3
Powerup – 4