Tunnel Rush


Tunnel Rush is an exciting game where you have to go through tunnels and caves if you want to win. The game constantly brings you a variety of hazards in front, so you really need to test your limits and get past them in order to win. It’s an innovative and creative game with lots of fun moments to explore and enjoy.

How to Play Tunnel Rush?

On top of that, you must dodge barriers just via pressing the arrow keys or A, D and you can use space to restart as well as pause the game. It’s a simple concept, and one that really pushes the limits when it comes to the process and excitement that you have.

Every time you play you really get to test yourself and have fun in a variety of unique ways. That’s the thing that matters in Tunnel Rush, the fact that you can play alone or even with a friend. The game will always test your reaction times and it’s the type of experience that you will cherish all the time. Anticipating the challenges that can arise is very important, and you really want to test yourself.


  • Test yourself and your limits against multiple challenges
  • See if you’re able to get past the various hazards and traps
  • Dodge barriers and try to survive


Tunnel Rush is developed by Deer Cat

Tunnel Rush Gameplay